11-Year-Old Boy Who Pets Every Dog He Meets, Urges Everyone To Do So On Valentine's Day

The Boy Who Pets Every Dog He Meets | Gideon young boy with long hair and wearing a black beanie and blue jacket cuddling petting dogs he meets and taking pics with them cute tiny rat terrier in pink collar, puppy golden retriever in pink harness tosa japanese mastiff, cute puppy akita with ears sticking up

Gideon is an 11-year-old boy who likes petting every dog he meets, everywhere he goes. Then, he uploads the adorable photos of him and the dogs to his dedicated Twitter page and even adds a brief bio about each and every one of them. Now, just ahead of Valentine’s day, he urges us all to do the same. Honestly, what a great idea. Here are some of the good boys he has pet just before Valentine’s day.  

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