14 Strangely Adorable Froggo Booties

Hey homies! Let’s get the day going with some lil froggo booties. “Although you may have had a detailed look at frog anatomy in high school, you may not have paid much attention to the frog’s butt. That’s probably because you dissected a Leopard Frog which does not have buttcheeks like the photo you saw on Social Media. So, do frogs really have ‘Frog butts’?”

“As a general rule, frogs do not have well-defined human-like buttcheeks since frogs do not sit on their rear ends at a 90° angle as humans do. Frogs generally have a pointed or rounded vent (or butt). However, some frogs do have what look like human-like buttcheeks.” Via toadsnfrogs.com What the heck! Who knew froggo booties could be this interesting!