19 Cats That Have Their Own Seat At The Dinner Table

In some households, cats are considered pets. Their hoomans have strict restrictions, expectations, and rules for their pets. They don’t let them up on the furniture, they don’t spoil them with treats, and most definitely do not let them sit at the dinner table. Boundaries are boundaries, and if someone doesn’t want cat hair in their food, that’s fair. 

But there’s always a flip side. There will always be that other bunch of people who will go out of their way to make their cat feel like an equal member of the family. They’ll buy them clothes, and toys, and invite them to the dinner table. We recently stumbled upon a Twitter thread where someone posted a picture of a feline-friendly table that provides our cats with a designated seat right in the middle of the table. Obviously, this is a joke and not at all practical, but this didn’t stop fellow cat people from providing photos of their cats that actually do have a seat at the table. We hope you enjoy your scrolling!