71-Year-Old Arrested for Killing Neighbor’s Grass

A 71-year-old from Magnolia park, Florida was arrested Thursday after he allegedly went into his neighbor’s yard and sprayed toxic chemicals on her plants and trees almost a year ago.  According to the report, the incident occurred in July 10th of last year, when the victim told authorities that her neighbor Tony Dupree would sneak over into her lawn at night and spray toxic chemicals in her yard.  During the incident, deputies noted that there was a stretch of grass that appeared to have been sprayed with a toxic chemical.

The neighbor also reported that not only did the chemicals kill her grass and plants, it also irritated her dogs and caused their fur to fall off.

When authorities spoke to Dupree the told them that he’d never been on her property and that she “mind her own business.”

The woman also showed authorities a video of her telling Dupree to stay out of her yard and him saying he’ll go on it “whenever he pleases.”

Dupree was arrested on charges of criminal mischief, stalking and trespassing and was released from the county jail on a $1,500 bond late Saturday.

According to the report, there were 12 complaints that were placed against Dupree from the same neighbor including one where he cut down a tree in her yard and replaced it with a 12-foot post.

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