A guy speaks his mind

Here is the video I was talking about remember this version is un editied! We live in a country that allows freedom of speech, yet so many are afraid to speak because of what the other guy will say, hats off to this guy for speaking what so many others are afraid to say…

3 thoughts on “A guy speaks his mind

  1. what this man is saying have a lot of turth to it, but a crime did take place. I can tell he is influneced by the nation of Islem. Would like to see people protest all injustice no matter what color a person is. The sad thing about his comments is our black leaders pick and choose what they want to protest, guess as long as a camera is present we will see Jessie and Al. I just hope this family can start the healing process.

  2. We need more people bold enough to speak the Truth. It is exactly what Mike said here that makes others angry whenever they see people like Al and Jesse start playing the Race card. Where are they on the Balimore? Here is a tourist, on St Patrick’s Day, walking down a street when a group of Blacks jump him, beat him, and strip him naked. Taking all of his belongings with them. Where are the Protests for Justice in that case?

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