A Series Of Funny Cats Getting Heckin' Spooked By Totally Innocuous Things

There is nothing quite as funny as seeing cats get spooked by totally non-scary things. Something about it is just.. hilarious. It doesn’t matter what it is – whether our cats get spooked by their own shadow, whether they get spooked by their own tail, whether they get spooked by seeing a human child for the first time in their lives. No, seriously, that happened to one of our cats. You should have seen that chonker running after the human with his tail fluffed to oblivion trying to understand the meaning of the existence of this mini human. 

It’s no wonder that spooked cats constantly keep going viral. First it was the perpetually shook cat who’s constantly having an existential crisis, then it was the perpetually spooked cat who looks like a ‘stuffed animal’. We don’t know what the heck it is they are seeing. All we know is that there is nothing in front of them, and yet, they are shooketh, and we find it absolutely hissterical.