About Rich Stevens

So who is Rich Stevens?

Glad you asked…

Rich Stevens is the host of the popular Rich Stevens Show!
850 WFTL Miami/ Ft Lauderdale 9a-Noon Mon-Fri is when you can hear the show…

Rich discusses today’s news and current events and pop culture in his very own unique style.  Listen and get rich!


34 thoughts on “About Rich Stevens

    • Couldn’t find your email address so I am sending this through a post. Heard you mention on today’s show something about the pinky finger worse than the middle finger. Tried to google it but could not find any reference. What exactly did you mean?

  1. The video was very disturbing. Was part of your show today prerecorded? It seemed as if some people were talking about the shooting as if it were “yesterday”.

  2. Hi Rich,
    Did you ever receive my e-mail? RE: “Bad Kitties” movie premiering August 10th at Muvico in City Place.

    This movie couldn’t have come at a better time. It shows what kids can do if neglected by parents and teachers. Kids today need better role models.


  3. Yesterday you said you are sorry that you are not married. So what are you doing to change the situation? Have you joined a singles group in a local shul or federation , taken out an ad on JDATE(this would make a good show topic), asked Joyce to fix you up with one of her Spanish girlfriends, You know how the Hispanic women like to manipulate he prostate with their tongues.
    Because Rich, if you haven’t done any of those things in order to find a wife, I am gonna bet that you are a homosexual in denial.

  4. Rich had to get out of the car….missed what the scoop was on Dr Oz where can I hear of read the info…..loved the Songified debate video

    • Hi Artie.
      Hate when that happens… lol
      A new study suggests caffeinated coffee drinkers should limit their intake to reduce their chances of developing vision loss or blindness.

  5. Rich, Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Please don’t dis the USPS and TSA anymore. My daughter and I work very hard for both of those organizations. Thanks

    • Hi Tony,
      We did thank you! Same to you:)
      RE: USPS & TSA… Its the folks in DC that are running it, so please don’t take it personally… the ones that actually do the work i adore!

  6. anyone getting the same vibes as I am getting and think richie incognito is a homosexual who tried to pressure the other player (also gay) to have rough sex with him

  7. Rich
    why not organize century village deerfield beach jewish residents to boycot stores in deerfield beach and shop in store located in towns that dont hate Chanukah or other Jewish holydays.
    The best way to deal with jew haters is to hit them where they hurt in their pocketbooks!

  8. I don’t think the people in Deerfield are jew haters like Wally stated but I do think they probably got caught up trying to make everyone happy and when that failed they just removed everything. I can almost hear someone say in a committee “why don’t we leave the raindeer up for the kids”

    I’m not Jewish but it is my understanding that the two holidays do not overlap this year. If that is the case sounds like each could have had their time on display without upsetting anyone.

  9. I listen everyday, and have since you started on WFTL! Due to the nature of my job, it is really hard to call-in.

  10. Wish your station could boost the power a bit. I work in Miami and the signal is in and out. I would prefer your show with poor reception than that horse’s ass Rick Sanchez who is the most embarrassing excuse for a talk personality as I’ve ever heard!

  11. Hi Rich,
    I miss you on the 9-12 shift and was remembering all of the different shows you have done for WFTL. You seem to be such a good, down to earth guy. Wish we could get you to come to our American Cancer Society “Bark For Life Of Palm Beach County” on February 28, 2015. If you have any interest, please Email me and we can chat about it. All the best.

  12. Today(FRI.) was the first time I heard your show-and when I called I did not realize that you could be rude(you hung up on me)because I mentioned a guy I had never heard of(his pictures of the “cowboy” cop with a gun and knives was taken from another source and was REAL)inspite of the fact that hisblog consists of a lot of gossip-so what-relax-the cop is the problem-not the other stuff-play nice-especially to a Bronx grandpa-have a nice weekend and I will listen to you again-great voice

  13. Hi Irving,
    I wasn’t rude actually…
    You were trying to use a known law enforcement hater /gossip blog with zero credibility… I have zero tolerance for stuff like that…
    BUT, next time tell me Irving from Da Bronx:)
    Stay well-

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