Accused Cop Killer Enjoys Facebook Behind Bars

Authorities in Boone County, Indiana are upset and expressing concern that a prisoner who is accused of killing one of their own, seems to be enjoying the luxuries of Facebook and internet service while behind bars.

Sheriff Mike Nielsen of the Boone County Sheriffs department told reporters that it has been brought to his attention that both gleeful and disturbing photos of an inmate, 21-year-old Anthony Baumgardt, who is currently facing murder charges have been shared to Facebook.

Nielsen says that in one of the photos, Baumgardt and fellow cellmates seem to be “celebrating” something as they pose gleefully, while another photo which is actually a meme, identify’s Baumgardt as a hero.

“He’s not only celebrating with people in jail. I don’t know if he is celebrating the crime, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. That is what hurts me the most. That is what hurts people who have seen this,” said Sheriff Nielsen.

Baumgardt reportedly shot and killed Deputy Jacob Pickett on March 2nd of this year because “he didn’t want to get bit” by Pickett’s dog Brik who was with him during a foot chase.

When Baumgardt was asked if he was sorry about the shooting death of the deputy, Baumgardt replied “nope, no remorse.”

Authorities at Hamilton County defended the decision for Baumgardt to have access saying their prison provides the ability to people to people visit inmates via video and from those calls, they can share pictures with those they visit with.

“He has rights we have to honor like we have to honor with any other pre-trial inmate. We are gonna monitor the situation. Monitor Mr. Baumgardt’s activities,” Pickett said.

Baumgardt is facing several charges including murder, possession of methamphetamine (2 counts), carrying a handgun with a prior conviction, carrying a handgun without a license, resisting law enforcement, and possession of marijuana (2 counts).

Baumgardt has been appointed a public defender who has entered a not guilty plea.

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