Adorable Cat Walks Child To Bus Stop (Video)

We love uplifting and heartwarming stories about cats, and this kitty named Craig is super cute, in fact, he’s absolutely awwdorable. Craig is a special cat too, every day before school he walks his ‘sister’ out of the house, all the way to where she catches her bus from. We just know that this cat is full of protective and good vibes, keeping his family safe like that. What a cute story, and the video is even cuter!

According to the mother who filmed the video, “My daughter started riding the bus this year. We discovered that Craig likes to accompany her to her bus stop in front of our house, and he has her routine down! If you look closely you can see he’s watching out for traffic and will not move until the bus is out of sight. He comes right back in once bus duty is complete. Rescue animals are so special! He loves his humans beyond measure and we love him more than he will ever know.”