Adorable Maine Coon Cat Assumes Position As His Human's Shadow, Following Her Every Move (Video)

Maine Coons are some big boys and girls. We here at ICanHasCheezburger love a chonki cat. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little extra fluff on the tail, that just means there’s more to love. One exemplary type of cat embodies the chonky lifestyle without even trying, it’s just a Maine Coon thang. Not only are these fluffy felines absolute units of chonk, they are also adorable. It’s just a fact, don’t try to fight with us on this, we will win. Maine Coons put the heft in hefty and we appreciate the hecking heck out of fluffy cats that just want to take a nap. Now only are they thick and hefty, they also absolutely adore their humans, so much so that sometimes they even assume the position of shadow and follow their humans everywhere they go. 

Like the maine coon we came across today, Proximo! “Proximo greets me every single morning at my bedroom door. He follows me to the kitchen where I try to make coffee without tripping over his fluffy adorable body that’s always swirling around my feet. He then follows me up to the loft where I drink my coffee and check the news. Anywhere else I go he’s right there. It’s just one of the many joys of owning (or being owned by, rather) Maine Coon cats. Some people might find the constant companionship annoying but I love it.” Via Library Beasts.