Airline Customer Fined $500 for Keeping On Board Snack

And the award for most expensive apple goes to …

A woman traveling from Paris to the United States says she was fined $500 for keeping an apple she was given by a flight attendant.

Crystal Tadlock says a Delta Airlines flight attendant began handing out apples during the flight. Tadlock said instead of consuming hers, she placed it in her carry on bag to save for her next flight from Minneapolis to Denver. While she was going through US customs, however, Tadlock received quite a surprise.

The woman says she was randomly selected for a bag check. The customs agent then asked her if her trip was expensive. When Tadlock replied yes, the customs agent then added ” it was about to get even more expensive.” According to the report, Tadlock received the fine because she did not declare she was bringing the apple over from Paris.

Delta has released its own statement about the incident, stating that it recommends all passengers follow all passengers follow Customs regulations.


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