Another Disturbing Police Encounter – RAW VIDEO

Rich Stevens ShowSome black kids have a pool party at a community pool in Texas…

They get rowdy, as teenagers do.
White neighbors get upset and call the cops, supposedly someone told the Police there were “too many black kids”…
Cops come in and instead of doing what I have seen them do numerous times and separate groups and talk to people about what happened one schmuck cop grabs all the black kids and treats them like criminals, yelling “Get your asses on the ground.”

Any kid who asks a question is forced to the ground…

I have to admit the first time I watched this video I was deeply disturbed as to what I was watching…

In my concealed carry training, they taught me, you are never to pull your firearm if you don’t plan to shoot. What or who was this officer planning to shoot?

Is this another case of a Police Officer abusing his power, or… is this the case of a cop being in fear for his life because he felt (and he was) clearly out numbered…

Notice that only the black males were forced to sit on the ground.

Why was that?

Were the cops told by the party givers that none of the black males were supposed to be there?

Since the pool party was held at a community pool, how did the cops know who “has permission” to be there.

The black males were not on pool property at the time so why did the cops automatically go after them?

In the video, some party goers are seen sitting in the grass and pleading “sir, we just came here for a birthday party, please.”

Another officer is heard thanking a group of teens for returning a flashlight the officer dropped.

On Sunday, the department issued a statement saying the video “raised concerns” and that this officer has been suspended…

The recurring theme with many police departments and incidents like this is the lack of professional self control resulting in ESCALATION, instead of deescalation, of events.

This video makes for a great training film, it shows very clearly how just one unprofessional officer can spiral UP an incident when all officers should be trying to deescalate it…

Watching the other officers I don’t see any of them out of control, to the contrary, nearly all have defused their scenes while the actions of ONE COP nearly gets someone killed…

And that one cop is the one in charge…

This young Corporal appears to be the on scene commander and ranking officer.

Instead of commanding the scene and DIRECTING the other officers, he’s running around COMPLETELY out of control.

He reminds me of a dog so overwhelmed by passing cars he doesn’t know which one to chase.

It’s HIS actions that caused kids to rush toward him…and then he pulls his weapon?

There is so much wrong with his behavior that I can’t possibly cover it all here.

What do you think?

***WARNING This video is raw un-edited and has some NSFW language and may offend some people ***

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