Awwdorable Co-Workers Preventing Humans From Working (ICHC Challenge Results)

Thank you to the ICHC fans on Facebook for participating in our weekly challenge! The challenge was to share an image of your pet preventing you from your work at home. The results were amazing. 

We loved seeing all your furry co-workers hard at work! And by hard at work, we mean working hard at keeping you from working or just working overtime trying to get that beauty sleep they’re so deprived of. 

But alas, we couldn’t share them all here as much as we would love to. So if you would like to see more than the list provides, you can find the challenge here

1. The challenge!

Product - Show Us How Your Awwdorable Co-Worker is Preventing You From Working!

2. We’ll start….

Fur - ICanHasCheezburger? O Who can get any work done when you have this much cuteness next to you?! STab Tab


Cat - Meri Wilson He seems sweet and innocent; however when I'm on work calls, he likes to howl outside the office door. That's difficult to work with since l'm a call center worker. Like - Reply - Message - 20h


Cat - Hannah Klein Makes me jealous sometimes..she can sleep on the sofa as long and often as she wants while I have to work. Like Reply - Message 20h


Product - Jennifer Stafford Not very productive but she sits by my side all day long KS QUARANTINE MoOD, so roon sars ro OUR STORY ECO Like Reply Message 20h


Organism - Natalie Farmer My coworker is constantly demanding attention, and will not leave me alone until scritches have been adequately given e Like - Reply - Message - 19h


Cat - Mary Fanta Bahls One of the five. "Please, Mom, pick me up!" 5 Like - Renly - e - 20h Message CO


Technology - Betty Poole Marshall I'm going to have to put Lil T on antidepressants when I go back into the office Like - Reply - Message - 21h


Photo caption - Kathryn Nicholas Hard to read a file when Rorschach makes himself comfy. Like - Reply - Message - 20h 4.


Wildlife - Deedra Maas My coworkers are super lazy, and I keep finding them asleep in the job. OL CO Like Reply - Message 21h - Edited


Cat - Melissa Grant My two work cats all over my paperwork!! Granite on the left and Marble on the right Like - Reply - Message - 19h OL CO


Cat - Erika McCann Harrison My supervisor, Oscar, is on lunch break... at 8:15am. Thank you! Like Reply Message 18h


Cat - Mel Peeler Jaxson does virtual client meeting with me and wanted to look the part. 9 CO Like - Reply Message 21h


Cat - Julie Meyer Blaase Hard to study for ACLS recert when your roommate decides to take a nap on the study guide! er th tr archer cunges ne Or soan wit 45 m tes se her m approprate rof t l arriva and a brach of the National w of nologpie disease by ee of 3 Pour National bnstitute of Neurol Like Reply - Message 20h 4. ws e stucted stroke any sto ca The NINDS har eot atoke patents based At rs acute sche snr to that of patent nd shorter The artical time p prstoms Crt


Product - Beck Woods Definately a sure fire way to stop me from working and to pay attention to her. 7 Like Reply Message 20h


Cat - Laramie Libertini Graycie hates that I don't pay much attention to her while working from home, so she does this every time I get up from the desk! Like - Reply Message - 18h


Cat - Samantha McLaughlin Who can get work done with this little cutie posing? Like - Reply - Message 20h


Cat - Elizabeth Kean "See mom, I caught the mouse, right?" Like Reply - Message 21h - Edited KITCHEN


Hair - Mika Lynn My coworker is a bum. She shows hers when I'm on video conference. Like Reply Message 20h


Cat - Mary Ann Tobin Selkie refuses to think outside the box. OL ACO Like - Reply - Message - 21h


Cat - Top Fan Don Reynolds I hate when the boss hovers. Like - Reply - Message 21h


Product - Jaymi Rose Seriously adorable. Stanley likes to sleep all day Like - Reply - Message 21h


Product - Marie Chapman We came to a compromise 6 Like Reply - Message 21h M

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