Baby Drowns in Bathtub After Mother Suffers Medical Episode

Authorities in Pinellas County are reporting that a 2- month-old infant has drowned after her mother lost consciousnesses while giving her a bath.

The incident occurred Saturday in unincorporated St. Petersburg

According to the report, the mother placed the infant into an infant bathtub and filled it with water, placed it into the family’s regular bathtub that was not filled with water, and then got inside the bathtub herself.

About an hour later, a relative went into the bathroom to check on the two and found the mother, 32-year-old Sureka Sivalingam unconscious and the infant submerged in the water and unresponsive.

The infant and the mother were rushed to the hospital where the infant later died. The mother was treated and then released. Authorities believe the mother may have suffered a medical episode at the time she was bathing the infant.

Deputies are still investigating the incident.

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