Bird Throwing Various Objects (Video)

Does this bird remind anyone of someone they know? We thought so too, this is bird was most likely a cat in its previous life. Constantly knocking things off a surface? That has cat written all over it! Perhaps, it’s a classic case of bird hardware running cat software. We’ve seen it before

If a cat were to witness this bird doing what he does best, throwing things, we would assume the cat would be very proud of his successor. As are we. This has been a wonderfully short compilation of a single bird who has the need to throw, and we recognize that decision and applaud it. Why? Because this bird is our inner selves. We would love nothing more than to throw everything off the table right now but we’re held back. This bird lives freely, by no one’s rules. This bird is wild. 

Submitted by: (via Birb / Kayla Barham)

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