Bison In Yellowstone Excitedly Prances In Fresh Snow (Video)

Snow days were such a wonderful time during childhood. No school, no homework, just getting to sit at home in the warm living room and watch TV, and of course getting to go outside and play in the snow. We’d be playing outside while mom would make us some hot cocoa and our trusty cat would stare at us longingly from the window. Now we’re lame adults and it’s this sweet bison’s turn to enjoy a magical snow day! And don’t we love watching him excitedly prance on a blanket of fresh white snow, swoons.

Here at ICanHasCheezburger we’ve written before about animals enjoying snow days, like this baby bear experiencing snow for the first time, but every winter the videos get cuter. It brings us great joy to watch this sweet bison enjoying a magical day in the snow, we’d like to get in a snowball fight. Enjoy this one, folks!