Brave Cat Attempts To Touch A Beautiful Massive Owl (Video)

Cats, despite being generally independent creatures, seem to actually, yes, have a desire to befriend other animals. It’s… unexpected but really quite sweet. Over the years, we have seen some adorable friendships bloom between cats and animals from other species. Who could forget about the 17-year-old senior cat hanging out with a 40-year-old cockatoo? Or how about the cat and fox pals who play together through the crack of a door? And what about adorable teeny weeny kitten who befriended a large yet gentle horse? And, of course, we cannot forget about the classic loving yet whacky relationship between cats and dogs

Cats wanna make friends, and they are not afraid to attempt to do so… even when it might not be the smartest idea. For example, the cat in this video… while it does seem that it has good intentions and is simply curious about the magnificent owl that perched upon this railing, perhaps trying to befriend it by touching it was not the best idea.