Bunnies That Deserve A Stage And A Spotlight

Bunnies are insanely cute. Maybe too cute… Nah, that’s not a thing!

We can’t help but gush whenever we come across anything bunny-related! How could you know? Those big eyes, that tiny nose that constantly scrunches, those ears, and the fluff…oh my, the fluff. 

Basically, it’s everything. They are practically the world’s cutest pet. Hey! I said “practically,” no need to bring out the pitchforks!

Enjoy this lovely and diverse round-up of bunnies of all sizes:

1. “Meet Gimpy! He refuses to eat the lettuce unless he is sitting in the bowl”


2. “Toast now has a ramp to get onto the sofa. As you can see she’s thrilled to be able to join in with her brothers and sister on the squishy mountain.”

Domestic rabbit

3. “A box full of bunnies. These guys used to fit in this box. It’s becoming a little more snug everyday. They are now 3 weeks old.”

Rabbits and Hares

4. “Feeling cute right now, might just eat your wires later.”


5. “Couldn’t find Hamilton. I shook his favorite treats and he came busting out like this.”

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6. “Fell asleep last night and didn’t put Oliver back in his pen. This is how I woke up this morning.”


7. “My sweet girl has the most beautiful eyelashes.”


8. “YOYOYOGA. This boy can stretch”


9. “Is this not the funniest thing you’ve ever seen”

Domestic rabbit

10. “My rabbit, looking at my chef’s rabbit, who is looking at my rabbit answering a professional call.”


11. “Gwen is obsessed with getting in the trash for some reason.”



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13. “Was trying to take a photo of the chickens, but he suddenly appeared.”


14. “This guy is as adorable as any kitty. He is 6 years old, very kind, and he likes to communicate and play with kids.”

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16. “We left them alone for 5 minutes with a full feeder and this happened. The bunny is ok.”

Small appliance - Mini3 Bunnx3 New Zealand

17. “This is our bunny Jacky in infancy and now” — “I would call him Sir Jack if I were you.”


18. “Buns living the life while I slave away in front of my computer to put a roof over her head”

Chartreux - DUKT

19. “I don’t think they can all fit into this cart anymore.”

Rabbit - RADIO , FLYER

20. “When I hug my bunny, he automatically goes on my shoulder to chill in my hood. I walk around with him like this.”


21. “She occasionally does such dramatic flops.”


22. “From this angle Pudding looks like a lizard.”


23. “Apparently my rabbit is an artist. He’d been steadily nibbling away at this box for several days. We looked closer today and realized he’d just carefully sculpted a self-portrait.”

Domestic rabbit

24. “Trash my freshly cleaned playpen. Check. Pass out for the afternoon. Check.”


25. “We bought my friend a rabbit for his birthday. He posted a picture this morning.”

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26. “This blind runt kitten was rejected by its littermates and adopted by my awesome bunny rabbit.”


27. “My sister found a domesticated rabbit in the woods. It was emaciated and starving. A couple of days later it presented her a gift! 4 gifts!”


28. “Gave my friend’s pet a toy — she immediately started to take care of her new friend.”

Domestic rabbit - 公


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