CA Bank Employees Win State’s Largest-Ever Lottery Jackpot

A group of 11 Wells Fargo employees in California are truly taking the money to the bank. Or is it “from the bank,” in this case?

Thanks to a last-minute office lottery pool, the employees are splitting the largest single jackpot in that state’s history, at $543 million, which works out to $29,140,281 each, before taxes.

According to winner Roland Reyes, “It was spur of the moment. If I could win, anybody could win. We’re just normal people!” He adds, “It helps real people and families.”

Reyes said the group, whose members range from age 21 to 60, decided to play the lottery due to that week’s unusually high jackpot.

All of the employees plan to continue their day jobs at the same San Jose branch, while paying off their mortgages, college tuition, helping family and friends, going back to school, and doing some traveling.

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