Can You Spot The Killer

Rich Stevens ShowSometimes you never really know the person you are friends with…

This is a picture from my Bar Mitzvah with some cousins and friends…

One of my friends in this picture turned out to be a killer…

He murdered his mom and dad, needless to say I am shocked to hear this…

I have to admit, I am curious… How would one know if someone is capable of such a crime? I used to hang out with him all the time and never would have suspected this…

Anyway, I wanted to try a little social experiment to see if YOU, can spot the killer…

In the comments below tell me the number of the person you think it is and why…

Oh and I can assure you it’s def NOT number 7 🙂


24 thoughts on “Can You Spot The Killer

  1. #1 because he is the only one not looking at the camera or #8 because he looks like he may have been bullied and may have some anger issues.

  2. I am thinking # 1 or # 8 for the same reasons as above – #1 is avoiding the camera and #8 looks like he has anger isues

  3. I can’t take my eyes off of #7. His got that homicidal grin and those bitty shifty eyes…definitely a sociopath! Lol. But, if I have to choose someone else, it’s a toseup between #1 and #8. #1 has that angry look to him, while #8 has that blank look of detachment, common in most serial killers. I’ll have go with the angry look, but #8 is a close runner-up…it’s definitely #1!

  4. Its absolutely #5. Many reasons why. First is the size which suggest he always felt beneath and not truly powerful and never in control. Second is the outfit. You gave clues about his home. I think the outfit fits this. Plus might suggest being picked on slightly adding more to #1. His smile is obviously fake and is slightly out of place from the rest of the group.

  5. I say #7. He is the only one that’s smiling and showing his teeth. He also has his fingers interlocked. He’s chubby and looks like he was teased about it.

  6. 1 is either a Banker or Salesman, 2 is the Killer, 3 works in the Restaurant Business, 4 got into Politics, 5 works in the Medical Field, 6 is an Attorney, 7 well ” What can I say” and 8 is a Car Salesman… Just my opinion but, I wonder how close I am ????

  7. Please let me know which one it was — I was not in the office this morning and by the time I tuned it, you were closing the segment

  8. Yo Rich- how u been my brutha? Been a while- let’s catch up one of these days.
    So I just listened to the link. I gotta say- I was quite surprised when u identified the killer. Personally I picked #8. The reason I picked him is because of his suit. Damn, man, if my parents would’ve made me wear a suit like that I might have killed them!!! I figured he carried a grudge for 35 years because of that!!
    LOL I’ll track u down at the station this week. Or if u wanna reach out my number’s still the same.
    All the best- FP

  9. #8 looks like the most likely, something about the eyes how they turn up . #6 looks like the least likely ….so it is probably him . Who would have ever suspected Ted Bundy, with his good looks , and charisma ?

  10. Rich- just heard this on the show today thank you so much for re playing this!
    WOW this is crazy stuff, which is why I love your show so much
    Happy New Year and thank you for all you do LOVE YA

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