Captive Beluga Whales Transported 6,000 Miles to New Ocean Refuge

Little Grey and Little White, both 12-year-old female whales, have been in captivity since 2011. Performing for an audience at Chengfeng Ocean World, in China. 

Today, they are one step closer to swimming freely in the open sea. After been flow for 30 hours, traveling 6,000 miles, these two beauties had arrived at the Beluga Sanctuary. The pair are currently staying in a bayside care pool to get them acclimated before the release into the sanctuary. Klettsvik Bay, in the islands off the south coast of Iceland, and is known as the world’s first beluga sanctuary. 

Head of Sea Life Trust, Andy Bool, said, “We’re absolutely delighted to be able to share the news that Little Grey and Little White are safely in their sea sanctuary care pools and are just one step away from being released into their wider open water home. Following extensive planning and rehearsals, the first stage of their release back to the ocean was as smooth as we had hoped and planned for. We are carefully monitoring Little Grey and Little White with our expert care team and veterinarians and hope to announce their final release very soon.”

Story via The Independent

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