Cat Called Gizmo Captured On Camera Trying To Finagle Treats Out Of The Kitty Cam

We cat people know that cats sure can be hooligans, it’s just in their nature. And boy, what they wouldn’t do for a delicious treat. The little guy featured in this silly video put his hooliganery at the forefront of his kitty cam. No, literally, his kitty cam shoots out treats and he became determined to release them by playing with the kitty cam until the treats poured out.

This sweet video captures the pure silliness of feline nature. We can not help but encourage him along throughout the entirety of the video hoping that the treats would soon be released so that he may dine in his victory. We are getting serious ‘buying candy at the atm’ vibes. The first time you try putting in your money, of course, it doesn’t work. So you have to keep on trying and keep on paying until the payoff presents itself. The payoff is the candy, or in this case, cat treats. Delicious!