Cat Medley: Funnies, Cuteness, And Appreciation

Welcome to your mid-week cat medley! This week we have a bunch of beautiful faces for you to admire (just like always), with some added humor, kitty shenanigans, love, and of course, cuteness. 

Each week, we scour through the top of Reddit’s popular subreddit r/cats and feature them all here for your viewing pleasure. 

In the past, we’ve had medley’s that featured major glow-ups, birthdays, and heartbreakingly, mourning and loss

There is beauty in every cat medley, in life, and in the loss. We honor our beloved felines. 

1. “Just Cuteness”


2. “Wanted to share my Moms cloudy loaf named Sourdough”


3. “How to make a kitten tart”

4. “Trying to distract me from work as per usual”


5. “Jasper was born on a farm surrounded by forest. He’d never seen a car before we took him home, and loves watching them out the window.”

Cat - A MN

6. “She is everything to me”


7. “He lives for belly rubs and screaming at dawn”


8. “This has to be the best feeling in the world”

9. “We put a GPS tracker on my cat and he drew a cat for us”

Map - bl EE 4G 06:59 188% egal Sooty Back to details Positions at map for the last 24h Use slider to select the time interval to display

10. “This is the “I’m really cute so don’t tell me off after destroying your houseplant” face.”


11. “I am so very proud of this shot!”


12. “My friends cat lost his jaw to a mean old dog. He’s still the sweetest cat ever! Everyone meet Tiden”


13. “Treats please”

14. “My littlest bean: Rufio”


15. “My cat loves bottle caps more than anything else in the world. I was crying in the bathroom and she kept gathering bottle caps for me and dropping them at the door. We don’t deserve cats.”


16. “Meet Satan. He’s the meanest.”


17. “My mother performed the Heimlich Maneuver on my 17 y/o baby last night and saved her life. Belle is doing much better today!”


18. “This short video i took of my kitten Atti is my favourite thing in the world.”

19. “My sweet big boy Scooter! Hope he makes you smile :)”


20. “cat sleeping in tree stumps”


21. “Please scroll softly, i am trying to sleep”


22. “Rainbow kitty”


23. “Slap!”

24. “Is my cat broken?”

Cat - A Walk e Woods Ball le- Natures COT MATTHEW Qabanga Gooptung Goesdumas Groid GOOMAS GOOB HO unneI GOOMIMM

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