Cat Meme Legend, "Longcat" Has Passed Away At Age 18

Most of you have seen the longcat meme but not everyone knows who the longcat is. 

Longcat, who’s real name is Shiro-chan, but is referenced to as “Nobiko,” the Japanese translated of “longcat.” Shiro-chan took the internet by storm in 2006. Shiro-chan rose to fame when an image of the white feline reportedly stood at 65cm from head to toe. Eventually, Shiro-chan came to be known as Longcat, according to Know Your Meme

The news of Nobikos passing comes for a Hong Kong Journalist, Kris Cheng, who has written articles for The Washing Post. According to Shiro-chan’s owner, they discovered the feline at home being very lethargic and was taken to the vet immediately. Sadly, Shiro-chan was too ill to undergo any X-Rays and just a few hours later, passed away. Shiro-chan’s owners are coping with the loss as best they can, and so is the internet who are mourning the meme legendary.

RIP, Shiro-chan. We’ll miss you and your extraordinary length.  Say “hi” to Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub, for the world. 

1. The original Japanese tweet announcing the news of Shiro-chan’s passing:

Text - えあろうっちー @aerosubaru 訃報 飼い主のみーこさんより、 のび子さんが先ほど虹の橋 を渡ったそうです。 ご冥福をお祈りします。 2005年頃から猫画像の加工がブームとなるなかで、の びーるたんの愛称で親しまれ圧倒的な存在でした。 地球に生まれて長生きしてくれてありがとう、のびー るたん ※以下拾い物画像より Translated from Japanese by Google It seems that Nobiko crossed the Rainbow Bridge earlier than Ms. Miko, the owner of the newsletter. I pray for your soul. With the boom in cat image processing from around 2005, he was nicknamed Nobirutan and was overwhelming. Thank you for being born on Earth and living a long time, Nobirutan *



Product - isabella steger @stegersaurus a very important part of cat meme history for millennials is gone it really sucks 2.4 8.2 Reach for the heavens Height in metres at time of opening 800 National GDP, % change on previous year: in year of completion Syears before completion 700 3.7 5.6 600 -0.6 6.2 3.1 5.7 -7.4 9.9 500 5.8 -5.9 400 -8.9 2.4 300 200 100 Chrysler Empire State World Trade Building Building 381m New York New York (1931) Willis Tower 442m Chicago Kuala Lumpur Taipei (1974) Petro


Sky - isabella steger @stegersaurus rest in peace our long prince 5:38 PM - Sep 20, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone


Text - Steiner @DistantValhalla The oldschool meme, longcat (actually a kitty named Nobiko), passed away today. RIP kitty-cat. O ž533o5- @aerosubaru - Sep 20 訃報 飼い主のみーこさんより、のび子さんが先ほど虹の橋を渡ったそうです。 ご冥福 をお祈りします。 2005年頃から猫画像の加工がブームとなるなかで、のびーるたんの愛称で親しま れ圧倒的な存在でした。 地球に生まれて長生きしてくれてありがとう、のびーるたん ※以下拾い物画像より Show this thread TM ITC'S ALL-TIME TOP TEAM MAIJ 12:11 PM Sep 20, 2020 - Twitter Web App のび~る 大


Cat - sylvie @sylviefluff This is "Longcat" from the internet memes. I actually this kitty just a few days ago and was happy to find that the kitty was amazingly still alive & 17 years old. However, it seems that this long cat has passed away today. Let's remember the sweet-kitty fondly. looked dn ogIA-@ @miyabi_2222 20h #のび子さん Show this thread 5:13 PM · Sep 20, 2020 - Twitter Web App


Cat - Rosana Margarida @rosecg An owner lost her beloved 18 year old pet cat, and the Internet lost an icon from old times. Rest in peace Nobiko aka Longcat. 8:31 PM Sep 20, 2020 - Twitter Web App


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Text - OA Lulue2 @luulubuu If this year didn't suck enough, Longcat, one of the very first memes I saw grow, has passed away. Rest in power, queen えあろうっちー@aerosubaru Sep 20 計報 飼い主のみーこさんより、 のび子さんが先ほど虹の橋を渡ったそうです。 ご冥福 をお祈りします。 2005年頃から猫画像の加工がプームとなるなかで、のびーるたんの愛称で親しま れ圧倒的な存在でした。 地球に生まれて長生きしてくれてありがとう、 のびーるたん ※以下拾い物画像より Show this thread TM ITC'S ALL TIME TOP TEAM 12:41 PM Sep 20, 2020 Twitter Web App のび~る 戦 ビ の シコロー


Cat - Mauro Fonseca (NO COMM OPEN) @PPDPPL art Replying to @gnostiquette Last picture of Nobiko being Longcat, last year. Still had it after all these years 11:38 AM · Sep 20, 2020 · Twitter Web App


Cat - my uncle's meme stash emyunclesmemes Press F to Pay Respects to Longcat The Cat Behind the Famous Longcat Meme Had Died at 18 TM ITC'S ALL-TIME TOP TEAM 11:25 PM - Sep 20, 2020


Text - Dimitri's Wife @mangokitty NO IM CRYING WHAT ELSE CAN THIS YEAR TAKE FROM US S O LONGCAT.... RIP えあろうっちー@aerosubaru. Sep 20 計報 飼い主のみーこさんより、 のび子さんが先ほど虹の橋を渡ったそうです。 ご冥福 をお祈りします。 2005年頃から猫画像の加工がブームとなるなかで、 のびーるたんの愛称で親しま れ圧倒的な存在でした。 地球に生まれて長生きしてくれてありがとう、 のびーるたん ※以下拾い物画像より Show this thread TM ITC'S ALL TIME TOP TEAM 2:20 PM · Sep 20, 2020 - Twitter for Android 大 に の島 ハシュロミ


Text - Colin Spacetwinks @spacetwinks longcat was a fun goofy meme and all but mostly i'm just thinking about the multiple cats i've had and whenever they passed i mostly just felt grateful for the time i had with them and how happy they made me so i never felt too sad. that cat made lots of people happy, so blessed 7:30 PM · Sep 20, 2020 - TweetDeck


Cheezburger Image 9552718080


Cheezburger Image 9552724736

16. The image that made Shiro-chan meme worthy and famous:

Mammal - TM ITC'S ALL-TIME TOP TEAM. partner for 6 years of ances and Shmider suring Car DEKRA Sundi Mercedes Benz &AMSDEr Thank you eIDGESTUDE POTENT


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18. A few of the hilarious images that followed:

Architecture - 表大コ 然自 天回区 5のびくる。 她 林長三命 木傳明




Cheezburger Image 9552718592


Cheezburger Image 9552718848


Cheezburger Image 9552719104


Cheezburger Image 9552719360


Cheezburger Image 9552719616


Cheezburger Image 9552719872







29. RIP, Longcat. We’ll miss you.


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