Cat People Say It's A Good Thing Their Cats Have Homes, Otherwise No One Would Adopt Them: Thread

If you have a cat that’s… let’s say… special, then you will love this Twitter thread we recently found. Someone wrote something along the lines of ‘do you ever look at your cat and think thank god you’re adopted, otherwise you’d be one of those ‘unadoptable’ cats in the shelter’. OP’s wholehearted tone invited fellow cat people to send in photos of their cats along with their rescue stories and some quirky behaviors they have that ~just make sense~. 

There’s nothing we love more than a thread of cat people going on and on about their cats. Especially, when the thread is focused on individual cat experiences and their uniqueness. These threads teach us to be open-minded cat parents and to always remember that all cats are different, whether that’s behavior or personality. Each and everyone has a different perspective and requires an individual approach. It all comes down to love, patience, and dedication.