Cat Walks Dog

Rich Stevens ShowSometimes the video speaks for itself…

Does this cat have a motive here?


Maybe the conversation between the two went something like this…

Cat: Psst, hey Jack come here, I want to show you my new cat toy!

Dog: Do we really have to? I’d much rather play outside!

Cat: Noooo come here!

Dog: Fine fine fine, but this better be good!

Cat: Ok here we go. By the way you are my cat toy for the day!

Dog: What…

One thought on “Cat Walks Dog

  1. Another day without preping for your show. For 2 lousy days all your show has been is noisy. You are an idiot. We can see why they only let you have 2 hrs on the raidio. We are going back to Rush which has a brain. Something you do not have.

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