Cats Vs Plants: The Eternal Struggle

Something all cat owners can relate to… a universal truth: cats and their plants that never stood a chance. It’s a hard lesson that some never seem to give up on. With each plant you buy and bring into your home, you’re filled with peace and happiness. This plant will brighten up the room, it will add scenery to your garden, it can even provide you with food and your favorite tea ingredients. Too bad the chances of it surviving are so darn low. Why? Because cats will always find a way to either destroy your new plant baby, munch away on the juicy leaves, or just decide to live in the pot where it slowly, but surely, dies. 

It’s an eternal struggle, this endless game we play. This is why cat owners can’t have nice things:

1. “Once my cat discovered the catnip plant, he murdered it within a week.”


2. “Tried to time-lapse my flowering succulent. Didn’t last very long.”


3. “New bed”



Plant - mursday at 9:22 AM · O Thursday at 9:25 AM- O What kinda pest eats only the tips of plants?! Is this specific to succulents? Nevermind


Cat - Yesterday my friend gave me a plant and said that on the day it blooms, l'll meet my soulmate. Today it was eaten by a cat. I'm done. What?

6. “Got my first succulent. It lasted 8 hours.”


7. “I think it’s safe to say that my lemon thyme is dead”


8. “Who needs flowers anyways.”

Product - 3 hrs · We finally figured out why we haven't been able to get anything to grow in this one particular planter... :/

9. “Can’t have nice things”


10. “Oh! What a lovely little garden! Be a shame if someone were to…*crush them all*”


11. “He already broke two flower pots… and it’s not even our cat”


12. “Acting like there isn’t an entire plant hanging from her face smh”

13. “Good morning”


14. Of course.


15. “I was wondering why my succulents were dying…”


16. “Henry knocked my plant off to make room for butt licking”


17. “At least she doesn’t eat it”


18. “I was wondering why this plant was dying….”


19. “I honestly have no clue who planted a kitty plant here”


20. “I can see I’m about to have a problem”


21. “He won’t let me grow any onions”


22. “Got a notification that my camera detected a person. Not person, just my cat cronching on moms beloved plants”

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