Couple Sells Everything for Sailboat but it sinks 2 days later in the Florida Keys

Tanner Broadwell,26, and Nikki Walsh,24, planned and saved for two years to buy a sailboat and travel around the world.

The couple quit their jobs and sold everything they had to make their dream come true.

Last week, Broadwell and Walsh began their adventure on a 28-foot sailboat setting off from the marina in Tarpon Springs.

Two days later, the emergency services were called to reports of a capsized boat in the Gulf of Mexico near Madeira Beach which is about 25 miles down the coast.

While sailing along Key West, the bottom of their boat struck an unseen object underwater and quickly started filling with water, forcing them to evacuate.

They took their two-year-old pug Remy, their social security cards, a mobile phone and some dog food and clothes.

After the incident, the couple says they planned to escape modern life on the sailboat after leaving Breckenridge, Colorado, last year.

The couple both worked in sales and grew tired of the lifestyle prompting them to devise the plan to sail around the world.

The couple had no sailing experience when formulating the plan but spent a few months prior to the trip taking lessons from Broadwell’s father.

The sunken-boat remains in the water due to the $10,000 cost to retrieve and restore it.

Fortunately, the couple and their little pug are okay but are left with only $90 between the both of them.

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