Creative Cat Crafts: Woman Creates A Spring Greenhouse For Her Cats To Wear And Tear

Hi, friends! How is everyone feeling this fine Tuesday? Hopefully well. You guys know that we love creative cat people who make magnificent creations for their fur babies. Whether it’s a couch, a catio (cat patio), or pottery there’s nothing more wholesome than a hooman creating something with their own two hands just for their special little baby to enjoy. 

Today we’re presenting you with the coolest cat crafts project. We recently stumbled upon a superwoman cat lady that makes all sorts of playful and stimulative areas for her cats to roll around and play in. What beholds is a sneak peek into the process of building a cardboard greenhouse full of scratch poles, (fake) plants, and catnip. So if you’ve been searching for a fun DIY project to do with your cat (or for your cat), then look no further. We hope these videos will bring you joy and inspire you to create something beautiful.