Darling Deer Looking For A Snack: Creative Remixes

We’re pawsitively fawning over this awwdorable deer eyeing a hanging birdseed dispenser hungrily. The weather where we are might be positively dreary. or should we say deer-y, but this deer is clearly in great spirits. We just love seeing cuties like this one having a great time in nature! We can’t wait to see how people transform this image with a computer and a little bit of creativity. 

We love the way that the internet can turn any sort of silly photo of an animal into the funniest original content. Some super creative netizens have found a way to use photoshop to transform animals, and they have epic photoshop battles to remix content like this gentle Gibbon holding a flower or these incredible Dalmatians. While some photos look straight out of a movie, others look comically made up, but they’re all pretty heckin’ pawsome. And today we have an especially silly photo of a deer eyeing a bird feeder hungrily. We hope you enjoy!