Dozens Of Ostriches Run Free On Main Chinese Roads After Fleeing Farm (Video)

About a hundred ostriches got a small taste of freedom lately after workers did not properly lock their gate and they escaped farm territory. They took to the main roads and made quite a scene as they were witnessed in residential areas. This humorous video shows the ostriches galloping oh so majestically that we cannot help but be happy for them as they enjoyed a change of scenery. 

According to South China Morning Post: “Dozens of ostriches were seen running on main roads after fleeing from a local farm in southern China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. About 100 ostriches have escaped and around 30 of them are still missing, according to the owner.” These Ostriches have gotten a taste of freedom and unsurprisingly, 30 of them are still on the run! Run free you beautiful birds, run free.