End The Weekend On A Good Note By Appreciating These 12 Cats That Got Extra Lucky In The Looks Department

Hi, friends, and welcome back to another Sunday! We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and got all the rest they were yearning for. Us, for instance, all we do is rest during the weekend. It can get boring at times but our cats are always there to keep us company so we’re not mad about it. Speaking of cats and Sundays… it’s time to say goodbye to the weekend and hello to the new week. But not before we take some time to appreciate some beautiful cats, of course. 

This week, we’re serving you a delicious composition of 12 absolutely stunning cats. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but not when it comes to these guys. These ones belong on a magazine cover. We’re not sure whether it’s their googly cat eyes or their eloquent facial expressions but they have got us hooked. Have a scroll for yourself and get ready to be stunned.