Florida ranked ‘The Worst State in Every Way’

Thrillist, a New York City online media blog known for rating restaurants, travel, and celebrities has given Florida the stamp of un-approval.

The website ranked Florida last of all 50 states in a list they say is based on “States contributions to America.”

“When putting together a list such as this, there can be some temptation to defy popular expectations, and go against the grain. However, Florida’s awfulness resume is so staggeringly impressing that it couldn’t go any other way. You were born for this. Embrace it, “said website contributors Kevin Alexander and Matt Lynn.

Who also cited a short note to Floridian family members, “To my cousins in Florida: I’m sorry I couldn’t help you. It appears nothing could.”

The list includes a rating of each state with negative and positive feedback from an arguably bias perception.

Michigan scored the number one spot for its beer and “remote location.”

Despite the states blistering cold weather and past problems surrounding the Detroit area.

I guess we know who won’t be visiting sunny South, Florida!

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