Freshly Brewed Cat Memes For A Well Caffeinated Start To The Day

Heyo ICanHas-ers. Today we are serving you catty humor, a bushel of silly cat memes freshly brewed for your caffeinated enjoyment. And we are serving it up hot and fresh, carefully organized on the delightful platter that is the interwebs. Every day, we get up and get our butts out and on the way to the office. When we got to the office it’s game over, we enter full on feline mode and there are few things we can process aside from cat memes and pictures. 

But we are no heroes, we put our pants on one leg at a time just like you and we need an energy boost in the mornings, just like you. Caffeinated cat memes are an excellent source of energy, and they are even proven to improve moods. We obviously have the best job ever, who would not want to sit at the computer and look at cat memes all day? It certainly keeps our spirits high, and the endless coffee doesn’t hurt either. We send along links to our fresh content as we produce it, so that all of our friends and family can enjoy our pawesome bushels of silly cat memes. It’s an impurrtant job, and it takes a true cat fanatic to do it well. You’re welcome. We’ll see y’all next time, take care now.