Friendly Neighbor Gets To Know All The Neighborhood Doggos

Ever heard of the expression “it takes a village to raise a child?” Well we’d like to take that expression and refresh it to become: “it takes a neighborhood to take care of doggos!” One super friendly neighbor took to Reddit to tell the world about his awwdorable friendship with all the neighborhood doggos. They come over regularly to say hi to him and enjoy some quality play time.

“It suddenly hit me how funny and weird my relationship with the neighborhood dogs is. I have taken them ALL home, fed them, or warmed them up in cold weather at some point when they have escaped their yards. Now, when they need help, they come and sit at the front door until I realize that they are there.” Via Reddit.  We are so happy that these doggos have a friendly neighbor to turn to when they need a lil extra lovin! Like we said, it takes a neighborhood to take care of doggos!