Funny And 'Bearable' Bear Tweets

To bring a little extra laughs to an un-bear-ably difficult week, we decided that pawing through twitter and finding you some funny bear tweets is the best way to do it. There’s something about scary and dangerous animals doing funny and cute things that makes them extra hilarious. You just don’t expect to see pictures of a bear in a hot tub. 

These funny bear tweets are basically guaranteed to put a big ol’ smile on your face and make your day more bearable. If they’re not enough, you can always take a look at these un-bear-ably funny bear memes. And for an ultimately good time, we hope you get the best bear hug from the person you most want it from this week.


Text - A bear @A_single_bear I am generally very soft. I am a bear.


Text - Adam @adamgreattweet So when a bear steals a picnic basket it's "endearing" and "funny" but when I do it it's "rude" and "unsanitary"

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Tree - dan @Dansplainer googled what falls out of trees to try and remember what pinecones are called and just got various pictures of bears instead

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Text - A bear @A_single_bear I spend most of my time eating or doing things that support my ability to eat later. I am not sure what else I am supposed to do. I am a bear.

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Adaptation - Turn of the Lu-cia Fasano @lucia_fasano goodbye hot girl summer, hello fat bear autumn 11:43 AM · Sep 28, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 39.5K Retweets 1.3K Quote Tweets 200K Likes

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Text - A bear @A_single_bear I usually do not know why I am where I am. I am a bear.

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Sun bear - CanisAlbus @Kalpeakoira I love looking at pictures of sun bears. They just look so fundamentally wrong. 3:50 AM - Sep 3, 2020 · Twitter for Android 7.2K Retweets 1K Quote Tweets 35.1K Likes


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