Funny Human Woman Imitates Her Dog's Wake-Up Routine To A Tee (Video)

Doggo people near and far have quite a lot in common, they tend to start their days somewhat similarly. It starts simple, and then it picks up with its complexity. The star of this video, actress Laura Merli of Cheezcake, mirrors her doggo’s wake-up routine to a tee in this silly video. She walks us through the entirety of her morning as a dog. First of all, things start off by feeling way too claustrophobic. Those new york city apartments barely have room for the humans that live in them, let alone for their doggos as well!

Laura’s doggo enjoys sleeping in a crate, so it makes sense that as soon as she’s up and attem she gives the living room chair a good spatial evaluation by sitting on it and wiggling around like a maniac for a while. Hey, whatever get’s the job done. Everyone’s morning routine is a little different, but if it involves a doggo we are automatically interested.