Get Well Mom!

I cannot thank you enough for your thoughts and prayers for Mom.
My Mom truly means the world to me, I thought you could help me cheer her up by sending her a message, which you can do by commenting below.


Then, I’m going to take my iPad to the hospital and show Mom the comments in this post.

I know she will really enjoy this.
Thank you for taking a moment to send well wishes to my Mom.
Oh and the picture above is from last weekend, my sister Aimee, me and Mom!





22 thoughts on “Get Well Mom!

  1. Hi Mrs. Stevens,
    It was a pleasure to meet you and your daughter at the Kravis Center this past Monday night. I was shocked and worried to hear that you had been taken to the hospital and I pray that you are feeling much better and hope you will be 100% very soon.
    I know hospitals are cold, miserable places, so if there’s anything at all that you want or need to make your recovery more bearable, please please please don’t hesitate for one second to say so. I’m sure Rich is taking care of you and spoiling you rotten, but if he’s working or out eating sushi and you want something, just holler. All the best, Ken

  2. Your son needs Good news for his radio show, so feel better,and ‘feel the hugs’ xo and tonight think of Passover and Easter’s of the past, surround yourself with the warm feeling of family and friends and let the memories of your past help you Heal.

  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I’ve never met you, but Rich has told me alot about you, and all of the things you and he like to do. You will be back out sitting by the pool in no time at all!!

  4. Hi there, ____* (* = Rich hasn’t favored us with your name!).

    Rich will explain who I am (and my major significance in his terribly important life!), but I just wanted to pop in and say how concerned I am that you feel better soon! Hope to meet you someday… and by the way, Happy Pesach!


  5. Hi Rich’s Mom!

    Please rest and feel better. There’s a world of people out here praying for your swift recovery. We’ve got to get you out of that hospital and back to the business of enjoying life!

    Love to you,

    ~roberta (1 of Rich’s many Kingsbrook friends)

  6. Mrs Stevens,
    Rafuah Shelama!
    Get well soon!
    I hope this isnt a trick to get out of cleaning the apt of Chametz.
    Anyway You should live to be 120, because it seems it will take that long for Rich to get married and make you a Grandma.
    Happy Pesach to your mishpacha and be well.
    BTW dont trust joyce kaufman she is satan.

  7. Mrs Stevens I am so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. Please get well quickly!!!! I want to come visit you as soon as you are up to having visitors! Love always, Hillary

  8. Ehhhhhh!!! Mama Stevens! Oh Honey, you have to get well quick! You raised a good man. You are in my prayers, hope you’re hopping around soon!!!!!

  9. Mrs Stevens
    May you have a speedy recovery You just have to take one day at a time but at least youre on the right path to getting better. I listen to your very loving son on the radio every day Hes very informative and a pleasure to listen to . I am glad I had the chance to see him at a show in Coral Springs. Take care and at least your together on the holiday.

  10. Hey Mom,

    My heartache when I heard the bad news was only equal to my relief when I heard this afternoon that you were feeling much better. Talking and laughing with the the Hospital Staff. I was so happy to hear this GREAT news today. Now stop laying there and get home soon. 🙂 I told Rich today he better keep a watchful eye on those Nurses. I know once they get to know you they will not want you to leave. But you need to get home where you belong. You can continue to heal there. Just know this, without a doubt, you are surrounded by Love, Prayers, and well wishes.
    Pete C

  11. Mrs. Stevens-
    I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through! All my thoughts, prayers, and well wishes are with you, Rich, and your family. These are the times that make us stronger for going through them. All my love,

  12. Mrs. Stevens (aka Mom), Praying for you to have a speedy & complete recovery! We (all Rich’s friends & listeners) are with you both in spirit, asking God to allow you to overcome this medical issue.

  13. You’re on the road to recovery and I tune in daily to hear Rich
    report on your progress. Keep up the good work.

  14. Hello Rich’s mom, it breaks my heart to know that right now you’re not feeling well. I pray to God that you heal and get better. We all need to get together and go out for sushi. Please get well, sending much love and prayers to you.

    Love Carol’s sister, Marcia Holtz

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