Girl Loses Her Pants On Ride

WARNING, there is some nakedness in this video and may be NSFW!

I am not sure how a ride can make your pants fall off but here it is…
Watch as her boyfriend tries to save her dignity…
AND, watch the guy to her right scoot over to cop a feel, the boyfriend sees his move and puts his leg up to block him.

One thought on “Girl Loses Her Pants On Ride

  1. I listened to you yesterday try to defend Beyonce’s disgusting political half-time stunt with the fact that you saw it as nothing more than a “performance”. I’ll admit when I watched the show, I also didn’t realize what she was doing. But ignorance doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, on your part or mine! If she had been waiving nazi flags, would you still have seen it as nothing more than a “performance”? What if performers had came out wearing white hoods, and danced around singing popular songs? The FACT that you didn’t see or don’t understand the significance of her stunt and political statement, doesn’t make it any less significant! That level of ignorance would be like saying rainbow flags (in today’s society) are nothing more than pretty flags with rainbows on them. YOUR LEVEL OF IGNORANCE does not change what it was, and the point she was making! Yes, if a tree falls in the forest, it absolutely DOES make a sound, whether YOU hear it or not. I feel stupid now for listening to your show. Wise up pal! Don’t be so damn naive!

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