Good Boys All Bundled Up And Ready For Sweater Season

As we near the very end of October, a fun and crisp new season is approaching. A season of enjoying crisp winter air, making wood fires, and of course, wearing sweaters. You see, some of the dogs among us have lighter fur, less fur, or simply love wearing a good sweater to keep them cozy all day long. So as the fall vibes fade into early winter vibes, now is the time for hot chocolate, crisp walks, and of course, dogs wearing sweaters.

We hope you enjoy this compilation of wholesome doggo content straight from Twitter. These puppers wearing fall attire and sweaters are giving us good vibes and pure canine goodness all in one. So chic yet snuggly at the same time, these doggos are totally loving their dog-ness, and their pup-ness, and we love that about them. We hope you enjoy!