Hamster Escapes From Intricate Maze (Video)

Holy smokes this is one wild ride from start to finish! YouTuber Mister Hamster has created the most intricate and fall-out coolest hamster maze of all time! It is weird that we suddenly have an urge to go this a maze of human-scale and of this level of detail? If you think yes, then just wait until seeing the entire video before saying so. 

Introducing the quick and smart, Mr. Hamster! Mr. Hamster’s story is told within the bio description, “Above is Mr. Hamster, he was imprisoned. The hamster police ignored him, he broke the sink, escaped several dangerous traps, and ran away. Mr. Humster was quick, brave, and lucky. The Hamster police could not catch him.”

Pretty wild! Mr. Hamster definitely has our vote for playing the next James Bond. 

Submitted by: (via Mister Hamster)

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