Help Keep Sheriff Al Lamberti, Sheriff!

You have heard me talking about my friend Sheriff Al Lamberti, how amazing this guy is, and what a great job he has done for all of us!
Now, we need to make sure he is able to continue in that role as our Broward County Sheriff!
Here’s the best part you can help make sure this happens…
On the bottom of this post is the form you have heard me talking about on the show.
There are two things you need to do with it…
1- print it out and sign it and mail it in! 2- Share this post with everyone you know (click the LIKE button) and tell them how important it is that we get these forms turned in as the deadline is quickly approaching. I have heard from several people who are printing the form out and having all their friends, family and co-workers sign them, just make sure you do yours today!
Oh one more thing, to fill this out you MUST be a registered Broward county voter!

Click Here to get the form! Then fill it out, sign it and mail it to:

Al Lamberti for Sheriff Campaign
PO Box 16296
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33328

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