"If Thy Fluffy Booty Fits, Thy Fluffy Booty Shall Sit" Cats And Boxes: A Love Story From Olden Times

Cats and boxes truly represent a love story of the olden days, and by olden days we mean that it’s a love story of epic proportions. Romeo could never. All the Capulets and Montagues really needed to get along would have been a peace offering in the form of a cardboard box. At least, that’s probably how thy felines of thine days would have handled the situation. 

Boxes are the ultimate hideouts. Cats are hiders by nature and enjoy cozy, enclosed spaces. Squishing themselves inside a box makes them feel safe and secure and lets them see without being seen… Except for when the cat in question is much larger than the box they attempt to squish themselves into. In which case we witness a classic battle of “do I fit? because if I fit, I sit. But, if I don’t fit?” as our cats stare at the box, stare at themselves, and then once again attempt to make their fluffy booties fit.