If you hate the new Facebook, go back to the old one!

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people who are missing my updates on Facebook.

If you’ve noticed that you’re not getting updates from Rich Stevens on Facebook, try these steps to fix it.

Facebook made a change recently that affects your news feed and how you see friends and pages you interact with. While that’s nice in theory, that means you may be missing out on a lot.

So here is how you can change it back:

One way to get around the new Facebook Newsfeed is to create a list called “everyone,”then add all of your friends, family, business pages, etc.

Click the EVERYONE list and you’ll see Facebook the way you’re used to seeing, with no sorting of “TOP STORIES FROM THE LAST 45 MINUTES” – as determined by Facebook, not you.

To work around the problem:

Just tell Facebook what you want:  The easiest way to tell Facebook the items you want to see is to mark them as “Top News.”

Click the upper right corner (or upper left) and mark the story “Top News” – then Facebook will know you want to see updates from Rich Stevens!

Also, not really a fix, but another alternative: Everyone is buzzing even more now about Google+, which strategically went “live” yesterday (it was previously was by invite only) – the day everyone is hating the new Facebook layout!

Here’s how to join Google+, which I have been telling you about for a while now. You can get to Google+ easily by going to Google.com and clicking the very LEFT menu item: YOU (or your name).

Remember when you get signed up to add me into your circles too!

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