Insta Doggos: Funniest, Cutest, Most Rufferific Dog Videos Of The Week

Hiya folks. Another Tuesday has arrived and we are chilling with it. Nothing too exciting happening here. You know, another day another dolla. But we want more than just a dollar today, today we want doggos. Big doggos, small doggos, energetic friendly doggos, shy and quiet doggos, we love ’em all. Every week, we love taking a glance backwards as we recount the funniest, cutest, and most rufferific doggo videos of the week!

We’ve got big hopes for this week. It’s a new month and with it a new season is coming! Summer has been great and all, but who else is ready for sweater weather? We got the doggie sweaters in the back of the closet and they are just begging to be taken out and worn. Now let’s put all that to the side for a second and celebrate some pure canine goodness.