Itty Bitty Puppy Causing Pawndemonium With Toilet Paper (Original Animation)

Puppies, also known as pawndemonium machines. Adopting a new puppy is literally like adopting a ball of energy. Your couch will be eaten, your carpet will be peed on, you will be woken up in the middle of night because of strange noises that will give you a heart attack, only to find that your puppy has somehow managed to climb into one of your kitchen cabinets. Oh. And your toilet paper? Yeah, that’s gonna be one of your puppy’s favorite new toy. 

The minute your puppy will set eyes on it, that’s it, you’re doomed. Your puppy will try to eat, he will dance with it, he will roll in it. It’s gonna be an adventure every time. That feeling of dismay is captured pawfectly by our resident animation, @sleepyskele, and if you’re a puppy parent, you will feel this one in the depths of your soul. 

Animation by @sleepyskele, check out his portfolio and his Fiverr.

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