Kitten Takes Pleasure In Surprise Attacking Older Cat (Video)

Another adorable video from Walter Santi, owners of two indoor cats Santi and Indy, nine outdoor cats and one dog, Walter. 

This video features Indy and Santi, and their adorable playful relationship,”When Indy was a little kitten, he was constantly doing surprise attacks on my older cat Santi. Jumping on him from high places, startling him by making sudden moves, grabbing his tail, attacking from behind, attacking from even underground!! And even after he grew up, Indy continued these antics, but in the end, Santi finally found a way to completely avoid these surprise attacks!,” Walter Santi writes in the description bio. 

We hope you enjoy the surprise attack as much as we did! 

Submitted by: (via Walter Santi)

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