Learn More About Silly Sea Creatures

Here at I Can Has Cheezburger we love to learn more about all kinds of wildlife, but we’re especially fascinated by aquatic animals. It’s a diverse group of animals and there is a hugely entertaining amount that can be learned about them. For example, we’ve covered a rescue seal get surprised with a giant ice fish cake for his 31st birthday, giant sea cucumbers (if you don’t know what these are then you have to click the link and see, you won’t be disappointed), and of course one of our personal favorites, awwdorable elephant seals. We just love to take a look at videos of awesome ocean wildlife, and of course photos as well!

Let’s get to know the creatures of the ocean a little bit better by taking a look at these fun and informative tweets about aquatic animals.  A lot of people are quite scared of the ocean because it’s so heckin big and mysterious, but we think it is absolutely fascinating, and that’s precisely why we’re so excited to share this awesome article with you, so that we can all learn more about the ocean together! The animals of the ocean are truly unique, and it’s high time we highlight this in more detail!