Life Of Edmund Celebrated Through Pics And Memories

Losing a cat (or any beloved pet) is never easy. It hits you hard and lingers. Some people don’t seem to understand that losing a pet is more than just that — it’s losing a member of your family, no matter the duration they’ve been there. 

The love and the strong bond you both built throughout the years, that’s a relationship. That’s love. And it’s always hard to say goodbye. 

Turnip Towers Photographer recently lost his cat, Edmund Loved, and has dedicated an Instagram to remembering Edmund’s short but impactful life. 

Edmund’s story is featured on Turnip Towers’ blog, and in their own words, we’re sharing the life of Edmund with you. 

1. Our old cat, Baldrick, was a real character. For most of the thirteen years he spent with us he acted like a kitten. When he passed away in October 2017, we thought we would never have another cat with such personality….


2. “His first toy was a small ball that he kicked all round the room, showing dribbling skills that would put some soccer players to shame. —


3. “He also had Mousie which was almost as big as him and a toy Santa with a furry tail which he adored. He would bounce all around the bedroom for hours chasing it.”


4. “It soon became apparent that his jumping abilities were beyond those for an ordinary cat. Baldrick had jumped around quite a lot, but he was positively earthbound compared to Edmund. —


5. “Our other cat, Melchett wasn’t overly impressed with the new addition to the family. Edmund decided early on that Melchett was entertainment and would jump on him at every opportunity. —


6. “It became quickly apparent that Edmund was smarter than the average cat. Most of our cats were at the back of the queue when brains were being handed out, but Edmund could open cupboards, drawers and treat containers with ease especially if there was —

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7. “When he was young Edmund had a tendency to bite everything he saw, particularly my nose. He also loved bare feet and would attack any that he saw on the edge of the bed. As Edmund grew older, his biting habit reduced although he never lost his love of —


8. “Edmund had a cat tree that he would spend hours playing on. He loved sitting on the top level looking out of the bedroom window dreaming of the day he would be allowed outside. On bonfire night we were worried he would be scared by the fireworks but —


9. “He spent almost as much time on two feet as on four and a lot of the time looked like he was dancing.”


10. “He seemed to think that his tail was nothing to do with him and would attack it mercilessly and try to beat it into submission. It never seemed to sink in that when he bit his tail it caused him pain, it just seemed to confirm his suspicions that the —


11. “All of the other cats we have known have hated soap bubbles even ones with catnip mixed in, but Edmund loved them. He would leap and chase them all around the room but could never understand why he never managed to catch one. —


12. “He was also the only cat that loved running water and loved drinking and playing with it.”


13. “Edmund also loved eating plants. He was particularly fond of an aloe vera plant which we had to get rid of because they are poisonous to cats, but also a coffee plant that Lisa had been growing from a seed for years and was still only a few inches high.”


14. “Edmund had a fondness for sniffing cat litter. He would bury his nose in the tray and sniff around for ages which would then make him sneeze for hours. —


15. “Just after Christmas a black cat appeared at the back door. The cat was quite small and slim and we named it “Bob” after a female character in the TV show Blackadder. —

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16. “He loved exploring the garden even in his harness, but was embarrassed having to wear a pink harness and leash in front of Bob and Melchett and complained about it frequently. —


17. Once we were fairly confident that Edmund could be trusted without the harness we set him free. He immediately disappeared down an old rabbit warren in the corner of the garden and did not return for about a quarter of an hour. —


18. “We decided around this time to move somewhere with more open space for Edmund to run around in. He was built like a miniature cheetah and really needed a field to run in. —


19. “There was already a cat living on site, an elderly one-toothed ginger rat-catcher called Simba, and Edmund idolised him. —


20. “Most of our cats have not been keen on wide-open spaces, with Baldrick in particular liking to lurk in the undergrowth, but Edmund took to the field like a cheetah on the savannah. —


21. “He soon discovered the woodland on the far side of the field, and would happily climb large trees as well as vanishing inside a hollowed-out tree trunk that he would emerge from several minutes later after his travels in the underworld. —


22. “There were a couple of old vans parked in the field and Edmund had great fun climbing on them while Melchett was happy to sit under them and watch the world go by. —


23. “Although most of our cats have loved cardboard boxes, Edmund was the only one who loved eating them. We often had piles of stuff in boxes, and he would gradually reduce them to piles of stuff on the floor surrounded by bits of half-eaten cardboard.”


24. “The field had three sheep living in it and Edmund had great fun chasing them as he thought they were just big woolly mice. He got away with it the first couple of times as the sheep were taken by surprise by this new menace and ran away. —


25. “There was an old tennis ball in the field which Edmund would happily chase and pounce on, but when the ball bounced up he thought it was attacking him and he would run away again.”


26. “He would chase butterflies and bumblebees and catch them under his paw then look totally confused when he lifted his paw and they would fly away. He loved chasing things but never developed a killer instinct.”


27. “Simba’s health gradually deteriorated, and he was with us when he passed away quietly one morning. We buried him under the apple trees where he used to sleep in the evening sun. —


28. “One of Edmund’s favourite pastimes was sneaking up behind me and jumping from the ground onto my shoulder from where he would started rubbing his head against mine. —


29. “After a long cold winter, we found out that our landlord was planning to sell (a familiar theme), and so had to move again. —


30. “As soon as we let Edmund outside he started climbing onto the outbuildings around the cottage. He realised that they were close enough together to allow him to jump from one to another until he reached the highest. —


31. “There was a stack of straw bales in the barn next to the cottage that became prime real estate for all the cats .–


32. “At one point, Edmund caught a vole upstairs and brought it down to release in the kitchen. The vole tried to run up the wood panel at the side of the stairs but just ended up running on the spot while Edmund watched it. —


33. “We get many spectacular sunsets and Edmund often spent the evening jumping around in the field while I watched the sunset and took photographs of him.”


34. “Edmund found himself a favourite piece of machinery in the barn – an old cement mixer. He could sit inside it when it was raining and sit on top when the sun came out.”


35. “Benji and Edmund would often start squabbling which sounded dreadful but rarely amounted to anything too serious. At the sight of Melchett, Benji would roll over in submission even though Melchett wasn’t really much of a threat to him. —


36. “One day I was at work and received a phone call from Lisa which rarely happened so I knew it must be something fairly serious. —


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