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  1. Hi Rich
    Sept. 14, 2012 – PARTIAL BIOGRAPHY of ENOS SCHERA:
    I laughed my head off at your 3 hour discussion on Real Time vs Delayed Time which I could have told you in 3 seconds, not 3 hours and still no answers.
    ******If you would like, I am prepared to explain the construction of various items and how they function in easy language non-expertrs can understand such as:
    Patents and inventions ( I have 5 patents) -Renewable Energy Sources (Natural Earth Forces) such as: Solar…wind…ocean wave forces…tidal forces…temperature differential (difference)…pressure differential (difference)…gravitational forces…magnetic forces. —- Prepared to explain how to build a Solar Hot Water Heater System ( I have one)….How to build an Electric Wind Generator…How to generate electric power from Solar Cells (photovoltaic cells) ——- During Hurruicane Andrew I generated my own electric power from 3 Solar Cell Panels each putting out 35 watts of power at 1.5 amperes and 14.5 volts to charge two 25 Amp-Hour batteries and 8 batteries of 10 amp-hours to power a flourescent light 1 foot long…two 8 inch diameter cooling fans…5 inch black & white TV receiver…and power to a 6 gallon per minute water circulation pump to pump water to the Solar Water Heater Collector (4 feet wide by 10 feet long) on my rooftop that makes free hot water from the sun.
    ** I have a patent on an Ocean Wave Electric Generator that can generate electric, light, heat, cooling or mechanical power from the force of passing
    ocean waves. ——-Also, I am prepared to tell listeners over the air in very easy understandable words on how a “Nuclear Power Plant functions to generate electruic power” and was a participant together with a University Prof. in a lawsuit on Fla. Power & Light forcing them to repair the leaky
    3,500 steam generator tubes located inside 3 seperate “Steam Generator Vessels” that are located inside one 410 MW (MegaWatt) plant that was leaking hot radiation into the atmospherre and water surrounding the plants. Turkey Point has 2 — 410 MW Nuclear Power Plants that send the electric power 35 miles back to Miami on a high voltage transmission line.

    ** I wanted to move to Miami Beach to create free electric power for life, but my wife refused to move because she said our car and window frames would corrode in the sea water. — I have another patent on a device that can generate “Electric Power from the rocking motion of as sailboat”. —- I may file a patent that could create drinking water from sunlight and sea water.
    ** Thanks for letting me explain why electronic signals are delayed as they travel long distances. The moon is 245,000 miles off the earth and the
    speed of the transmitted radio wave is 186,000 miles per second and takes 7 seconds to reach a receiver on earth at that speed.

    **I heard the first satellite fired in space put up by the Russians in 1957 transmitting on 20.005 MC. It was also on 40.005 MC but my receiver only covered the 20 MC frequency. I built a “Corner Reflectior Antenna” that
    looking it from a side view looks like a “Right Angle”.

    ** At age 6 I looked through the encyclopedia and was amazed at items like microscopes, stethoscopes, test tubes, flasks, radio receiver and transmitter diagrams, internal windings of electroc motors and how magnetism causes the rotor to rotate and the output shaft is connected to a gear or a pulley wheel and a belt that can rotate a device like hedge cutter, etc. Diagrams of the first radio transmitter using a “Spark Gap Transmitter” to cross the Atlantic and to ships at sea…diagrams of vacuum tube receivers and transmitters and amplifiers…cutaway diagrams of a car engine showing cylinders, pistons and spark plug that makes the engine function. I was highly amazed at all these type items and told myself these are the subjects I want to study the rest of my life.

    ** My parents asked me what I wanted for my 6th birthday. I said a chemistry set to run chemical experiments. They bought me chemistry set that had cylindrical shaped wood containers with sulphur, cobolt, etc. and came in a cardboard box about 1 foot square. Also for my 6th birthday I got an “erector set” and my father helped me make bridges, a car a crane that had an electromagnet on it anbd I picked up small nuts and bolts. I used to read my uncled Popular Science & Popular Mechanics magazines at all tghe latest inventions and in the back of the magazxine it showed a crystal radio set that had a movable cat whisker and when you moved it to a certain sensitive spot on the Galena Rock (Lead Sulphide crystal) it picked up radio signals audio and srent it through a pair of earphones and only needed a wire antenna, earphones and a ground wire connected to a water pipe to hear radio stations and was mounted on a piece of 1.5 inch square plastic. On my 7th birthday I got a larger Chemistry Set in a wood cabnet.

    ** At age 13, I had a full sized laboratory and can send you a photo of me standing next to my lab. At age 7 I learned the Morse Code (dots & dashes) from the encyclopedia and joined the Boy Scouts. The Scout Master said he did not know the Morse Code and some 11th & 12th grade wanted to take the Morse Code test required to become an “Eagle Scout”.and they did not know the Morse Code and the Scoutmaster said he was appointing me to give them the Morse Code test! I was shocked and almost fell off my chair that he chose me when I was only 7 years old to give the exam.

    ** At age 7 listened to Morse Code on my uncles radio and I built my first shortwave receiver kit sold by Philmore that had a type 30 – single vacuum tube and instead of turning a “Band Switch” to change the frequency you wanted, you pulled out one coil and plugged in another coil that covered the kilocycle frequncy you wanted. I made each solder joint by heating my fathers soldering iron on our gas stove until it was cherry red, put solder paste on my finger and smeared it on the joint and put the soldering iron back on the stove to get heated again to make the next joint. At age 12 in 7th grade my teacher had us read a book called,”Douggy Snow the Shortwave Radio Listener”. I told my teacher I was a shortwave listener and listened to Morse Code and sent out QSL (verification) cards on how loud the Amateur Radio Station was received at my house on a 2 tube shortwave receiver I built. She asked me to bring the receiver to the classsroom to see it. I ran 20 feet of wire out of the window, plugged in a pair of earphones and tuned in a Morse Code station and many kids insisted in putting on the earphones even though you could hear the sound for hundreds of feet. The classmates loved it!

    ** I am a FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operator since 1952 and have made a 2 way shortwave radio contact, mostly on 20 meter CW (Morse Code) with 356 countries and island governments around the world and have a QSL (verification) card from each country & island. I reached the
    “Top of the DXCC Honor Roll” for having contacted all countries around the world.

    ** I have operated an Amateur Radio Station from several exotic islands such as: Malpelo Island- 856 feet tall and 1 mile in diameter. I went there in 1969 and climbed to the 350 foot level and set up a transmitter along with a secont transmitter and 8 operators made 8,000 two-way shortwave radio contacts with 106 different countries in 5 days. Malpelo Island is owned by Colombia and located 300 miles from the west coast of Colombia. —Operated from Navassa Island in 1969. Navassa Island is located 152 miles NE of Kingston, Jasmaica – 30 miles west of Haiti and 90 milres south of Guantanamo, Cuba. — 1970 Swan Island in the Gulf west of Cuba and East of NIcaragua. — Grand Cayman Island- 500 miles south iof Miami in 1970.

    ** Was Chief Radio Communications Officer of Dade County Emergency Radio System during Hurricane Betsy in 1965 directing helicopters to deliver medical supplies, cots, blankets, water, sandwiches and food and to pick up stranded persons on rooftops and deliver ill persons to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

    ** Retired 24 year Electrician, Foreman & Electrical Superentendent (last job was Superentendent of the electrical installation at DADELAND MALL in Miami,.

    • Enos, WOW thanks for sharing your incredible story!
      You will DEF have to call in again next week too, you sounded great on the air:)
      Thanks for listening,

  2. Re- your comment: Enos, WOW thanks for sharing your incredible story!
    You will DEF have to call in again next week too, you sounded great on the air:)
    Thanks for listening,
    Rich, thanks very much for your comments and I will call you again. You just heard the tip of the iceberg in data with me and have tons more to tell you if you want to hear it which you appear to do. I like the way you run a smooth program where you treat all guests in a highly respectful manner
    without belittling them and you listen to all opinions even oposing ones in a highly respectful manner and you give extra time to explain complicated issues when it is necessary to get the full information from callers.

    I first began to listen to talk radio programs since 1971and too many talkhosts only let me speak for 2 sentences and cut me off and infer that I am some wacco scientist before hearing what I am asbout to tell them.
    One of the reasons why our national Energy Crisis has not been solved is because they cut me off before I give them “logical answers” to solve these problems and I do not call them ever again in being made to look like a fool with answers they do not believe.

    I’m not sure if this blog can be read only by you or all yoyur listeners can read my posts here on this format? So, because I have several more tons of data to give you and your listeners, I want to give you the data in private, and need you to call me first so I can explain why. I would like to have your private Email and believe from memory it is: Is this

    I have also investigated Vote Fraud and testified before the Commisssion on Civil Rights-VOTE FRAUD DIV. in Miami in 2,000 and can tell you where you can find Vote Fraud but don’t know if WFTL has an Investigative Journalist?

    At the VOTE FRAUD Hearing, I asked 3 friends to testify as well: An attorney friend of mine, a Dade County Policeman and a black friend who went to the same black church on Saturdays that we attended to discuss Miami’s political problems and gave them my testimony that I Video-taped. Later on I received a slow mail letter saying they were going to publish the testimony given at the Miami Hearing 2,000 and it said please make any last minute corrections bevcause they were ready to publish the Hearing Testimony. On my return sheet, I typed in red ink, “You have my last name wrong! You have my last name as “XXXXXXXXXX” and is wrong and needs to be corrected to say “SCHERA”!

    After they published the Hearing Testimony, they still had my name wrong and ommitted much of my hottest testimony I gave them! I am about 99.9 percent sure they made these mistakes on purpose, but the answers are way too long to type here and much is private data and I need to tell you in
    person off the air on the telephone. You probably have my tel. number on your recorder showing my name and number when I called you Fri.- Sept. 14, 2012. Please call me so I Can tell you much more earth shocking issues you will hardly believe.

    Also, I have written several key Email letters to MItt Romney who I began to
    support early and wanted him in the previous election and met him in Miami
    on Sept. 21, 2011. He spoke to a crowd of 400 and I recorded him on my digital video camera and took 35mm still shots. After he spoke, I fought my way through the crowd to shake his hand and said,”Thank God for you sir, you are going to save America.” Then, he moved to a backstage room to hold a “Media Conference” and I set up my digital video camera 10 feet from
    him answering “gotcha questions from the leftwing media”!!!!

    I used to lecture all over Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County and in multiple schools in K through 12th grade on Renewable Energy subjects and at the MIami Science Museum and Planitarium as Pres. of FLA. SOLAR USER NETWORK and Pres. of ALTERNATE SOURCES OF ENERGY. I was a member of Palm Beach Society of American Inventors and presented my Ocean Wave Electric Generator that won First Prize and was their P.R. man.
    I also spoke about my Ocean Wave Electric Generator patent at the University of Miami’s Alternate Sources of Energy- Scientific Seminar in MIami. I shot a photo of EDWARD TELLER, world famous inventor of the Hydrogen Bomb while listening to him give an interview to the media.

    ** For 5 years, I put on a Renewable Energy event called
    “SUN-DAY CELLEBRATION” at Miami Dade College’to
    celebrate the use of the sun, on their South Campus SOLAR ENERGY HOUSE where I maintained the Solar Cell Array and 200 watt Wind Generator at the Miami Dade University’s – Solar House)to celebrate the sun and its energy with about 5,000 attendees. 4 years after that, I put on SUN-DAY CELEBRATION events at Dade County’s Tamiami Park exhibiting Solar Hot Water Heater Systems and companies…an Electric Wind Generator made by one of my members that charged batteries in an Electric Car.
    A Prof. of Mechanical Engineering and member of Fla. Solar User Newtwork exhibited his Lincoln Continental car that could run on gasolene, but by turning a switch could switch to burning wood such as sawed off ends of 2″x 4″ wood scrap pieces left on construction jobs that were burned in a
    cylindrical shaped hopper 2 feet wide and 4 feet tall that produced “wood gas” fed into the carburetor!

    I set up a Solar Cell (photovoltaic) Panel that charged a 12 volt DC battery to power my Amateur Radio Station transmitter that transmitted a kids voice 100 feet away to another Amateur Radio Operator with a receiver. After a kid spoke over my microphone and was received 100 feet away, I wrote out the kids name on a certificate saying he made a shortwave radio contact on the 20 meter Amateur Radio Band using the :”SUN’S ENERGY” to power my transmitter, coming from a “star” in space called the SUN located 93 million miles from Earth at a velocity of 186,000 miles per second/ 400,000 meters per second striking the electrons inside the Solar Cells, causing them to move out of place, creating an electric current charging my battetry that powered my tranbsmitter he just spoke on!!!!! The kids were shocked to learn all this data, just as I was when I built my first 1 tube radio receiver at age 7 and began to hear Morse Code on my first 1 tube shortwave radio receiver!!! These kids and adults are shocked to learn such complicated technical sceintific engineering explainations in my simple easy 1 minute explainations in educating the masses out in the public and free of cost to them.

    O.K. Rich, I hope your head did not get too overloaded and you like my easy excplainations.


  3. RICH

    IP.S.- I forgot to add this to the article I wrote about the Prof. of Mechanical Engineering who had a Gasolene & Wood Powered Lincoln Continental car. The 4 foot tall metal hopper that held scrap pieces of wood for fuel was mounted on a small 2 wheel trailer and hitched to the rear of his Lincoln Continental car.


  4. World Cup Soccer Is Not Rocket Science
    When it comes down to the last game of the regular season in the NFL, scenarios can happen where 2 or more teams are tied in their division going in to their last game. So yes, even in the NFL, team “A” could lose their last game, however because team “B” also lost their last game, due to tie breakers (best division record, followed by best conference record,etc.), team “A” still advances to the play-offs. Imagine that! Even in the NFL a team can lose it’s last game and still make it to the play-offs. People don’t seem to have a problem understanding this, but yet, let the same scenario happen in World Cup soccer and people have a hissy fit. “It doesn’t make sense”, they say. “How can a team lose and still advance?” Get a grip. It’s not rocket science.

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